Nespresso Professional

Platform for briefing and ordering customized POS displays, Trade Highlights kits and event animations throughout the B2B France network.

Nespresso Professionnel offers personalized solutions in terms of machines and coffee types according to the needs of its CHD clients: hospitality, businesses, and cafeterias.

To accompany these offers, the brand provides a free service of personalized PLV for each client upon the signing of any new commercial contract.

200 sales people interface with 3 Nespresso marketing project managers to develop these personalized point-of-sale displays, from design to campaign execution.

Too much time is spent by the Marketing teams, diverting them from their initial sales and brand development mission.

A production lead time of 15 days is too long, hindering Nespresso’s commercial development.


Enable sales representatives to request the creation of personalized PLV: simpler and faster.

Ensure compliance with the Nespresso brand guidelines.

Limit Marketing involvement to key stages.

Loopz places collaboration at the heart of process optimization

Loopz has developed a turnkey solution for managing and customizing all CHD communication materials in close collaboration with Nespresso.

Following dedicated workshops on optimizing the existing process, it was decided to create a unique collaborative platform, bringing together agencies, sales representatives, trade managers, and printers.

#1 identify the blocking points of the current process

The sales team is responsible for initiating the production of POS displays with Marketing, and for coordinating exchanges between Marketing, the agency, the printer and the end customer. All exchanges take place by e-mail and telephone.

#2 rewrite a smoother, more efficient process

Sales staff brief the agency directly on the platform, using an integrated form for each type of POS. Stakeholders have real-time visibility of the progress of each project, and carry out their respective actions directly online!

Key Figures

x4 PLV produced (300 -> 1200)


-2.5 FTE Marketing Nespresso (3 -> 0.5)

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