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Loopz is the industry's most collaborative Artwork Management solution. Developed over the last 10 years for leading cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, it can be deployed in a 15-minute training session tailored to your organization.

ROI > 2.1

“The average ROI seen among organizations that have implemented Loopz on the cost of their artworks, not to mention team time savings and errors avoided in production/printing”

Loopz meets the specific challenges of organizations with high marketing and regulatory stakes


A French solution, developed for market leaders, offering excellent functional coverage, and a high level of service (deployment, support), all at a fixed price calculated as closely as possible to your needs.


Loopz centralizes the entire cycle of Artworks (point-of-sale displays, packaging, prints) or digital media (video, audio, promotional materials), enabling you to address all your needs in a single solution.


Loopz is a solution designed for users, intuitive, simple to use and easy to deploy in organizations. It offers rapid ROI and improves the working environment of operational staff by minimizing tedious tasks and enhancing value-added missions.

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Legal and regulatory teams

Loopz simplifies compliance monitoring


Logistics and supply chain teams

Loopz reduces the number of round trips and errors


Marketing and packaging teams

Reduce your time-to-market


IT teams


Deploy a tool that integrates easily into your organization