Loopz, the collaborative solution for optimizing the graphic chain

Features developed over the past 10 years for companies with high stakes in products, marketing, and regulatory affairs, increase the value of your workflows: reduced time-to-market, fewer errors, more projects completed.

Discover how Loopz will transform the life of your Artworks projects.

Project and product management

  • Dynamic article sheets with metadata

  • Automatic imports/exports

  • Folder structure

  • Search, filters, and customizable views

  • Online media library (import, sorting, archiving…)

  • Multi-format management and visualization: jpeg, PDF, MP4, MP3, HTML…

  • Unlimited versioning

  • Version comparison

  • Timeline/planning and deadlines with alerts


Performance management

  • Visualization and tracking of KPIs, budgets, and resources

  • Automatic DAM/PIM exports to your tools (API/ERP, such as SAP, Cegid…)

  • Inventory and order management

  • Extraction of information and artwork texts for database entry


Unlimited support within 24 hours

Customized business processes

  • Multiple workflows

  • Simultaneous validations

  • Definition of roles (RACI) and statuses per file or project

  • Dashboard / To-Do list (My Tasks)

  • Audit trail

  • Validation circuit and notification sending

  • Regulatory and legal database


Collaborative mode

  • Unlimited comments

  • Online briefs

  • Version, text, and EXE/BAG comparators

  • Translations database and tracking of their validations

  • Search/replace text in artworks

  • Compliance checklist

  • Dynamic data (automatic update of article sheets)

  • Single sign-on electronic signature


Secure data hosted in France

  • Ultra-secure hosting in France

  • HDS / ISO 9001 & 27001 certification

  • EU GMP / FDA 21 CFR certification

  • Historization and redundancy


Loopz is deployed in just 15 minutes of training

Our solution is incredibly easy to set up and use. It has been designed to be useful to you as quickly as possible. Our consultant teams have also developed an accompanying methodology that maximizes the benefits of the solution for your organization.

Who do we support?

Loopz models your workflows and allows all stakeholders to move forward simultaneously, each in their role, without stepping on each other’s toes.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Marketing and Packaging Teams

Loopz centralizes, streamlines, and simplifies collaboration on artwork development, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Legal and Regulatory Teams

You will be able to cover, enforce, and control compliance throughout the artwork creation process.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Logistics and Supply Chain Teams

Loopz reduces time spent on the graphic chain, the number of recalls and errors, and significantly improves time-to-market.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

IT Teams

EU GMP / FDA 21 CFR certification Integration with your ERP Data stored and hosted in France in an HDS / ISO 9001 & 27001 environment IT support in France.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Purchasing Teams

An all-in-one, collaborative solution, perfectly tailored to your business challenges, deployed in 15 minutes of training in your organization, and offering a return on investment >2

Would you like to know more about Loopz?

How many people can work on Loopz?


As many as necessary. However, we adapt the servers associated with your Loopz tool to achieve the best performance corresponding to the number of users.

How much does your tool cost?


Loopz’s offer is all-inclusive, and pricing depends on the number of users and the volume of files to be processed, as well as the configuration of specific tool features according to your specifications (number of workflows, specific developments, etc.). Also, budget for configuring specific tool features according to your specifications (number of workflows, specific developments, etc.).

How can I be sure my data is secure?


Your Loopz tool data is stored, backed up, and redundantly stored exclusively in France on a daily basis by our provider Equinix (www.equinix.com), a global leader in digital infrastructure.

Will I receive support for my projects?


Unlimited physical support (direct line and email) is included in all our packages.

How does Loopz fit into my organization and adapt to my requirements?


The Loopz teams work with you right from the start of your project, adapting the solution to your organization (and not the other way round!) and writing the configuration specifications. They also support you throughout the testing, training, and post-launch monitoring phases.

Do you have any further questions?