IT teams, discover how Loopz will transform your graphics production ecosystem, while integrating seamlessly into your organization.

Loopz is a SAAS solution for optimizing the packaging graphics chain. Developed over the last 10 years for leading cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, it is based on a proven deployment methodology.

HDS / ISO 9001 certification

“Loopz meets the highest levels of security and quality for your data”

Loopz meets the specific challenges of IT teams

Your data is ultra-secure and hosted in France. Everything is logged and it's impossible to lose any information/files. Local IT support included in the package.

Loopz can be deployed as a new tool or as a replacement for an existing one, with very little impact on the workload of operational staff, thanks to the methodology developed by our consultants, and our HyperCare support.

Loopz features connectors that facilitate integration with your ERP (for automatic exports, performance tracking, etc.) or those of your partners (publishers, printers).

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We also support

Legal and regulatory teams


Loopz simplifies compliance monitoring

Logistics and supply chain teams


Loopz reduces the number of round trips and errors

Marketing and packaging teams


Reduce your time-to-market

Purchasing teams


An all-in-one solution that creates more collective value