Logistics and supply chain teams, discover how Loopz optimizes the entire production chain for packaging and promotional materials.

Loopz reduces the number of round trips and errors, and aligns all stakeholders (internal and external) around the objective of quality and efficiency.

Up to +30% efficiency on your workflows

“An all-in-one tool for managing packaging modifications, not just for graphic validation, but also for administrative follow-up (schedules, stock management, etc.).

We’ve saved a lot of time in our day-to-day operations thanks to Eflow.”

Manuel Georges

Packaging Manager - Laboratoires BIOCODEX

Loopz meets the specific challenges of graphics production


Loopz enables you to centralize, streamline and simplify exchanges around the creation and production of packaging and promotional materials, to reduce errors, cut costs and guarantee regulatory compliance.


Loopz is a comprehensive tool, covering all the needs of operational staff in the graphics chain (supply, marketing, legal, translations...). For all physical media (packaging, POP, print) or digital media (video, audio), from creation to BAT/BAG.


Loopz deploys easily in your organization, and adapts to your workflows, thanks to a methodology developed over the last 10 years with industry-leading companies.

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Legal and regulatory teams

Loopz simplifies compliance monitoring


Marketing and packaging teams

Reduce your time-to-market


IT teams

Deploy a tool that integrates easily into your organization


Purchasing teams

An all-in-one solution that creates more collective value