Distributors, pilot your packaging workflows, structure your ranges and manage your volumes.

Steer processes, monitor schedules and overall progress, integrating all the internal players involved to ensure time-to-market.


-75% errors thanks to the comparison & proofreading module

They trust us

Why deploy Artwork Management software when you’re a distributor?


To manage large volumes, and equip teams with a tool that will secure all their internal and external interactions, and give them all the performance indicators they need to manage workflows.


To secure and centralize all information (regulatory, marketing, printers…), facilitate document re-reading, and ensure consistency for products with multiple suppliers.


To streamline exchanges and gain operational time by automating the retrieval of technical product information. Pool art purchases, share team achievements, and ultimately develop best practices.

How Loopz meets the specific needs of distributors

Process security

Each file is linked to a specific workflow and an adapted item sheet.

The associated data environment enables you to monitor the process with precision: research, KPIs and planning/timeline.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

How Loopz meets the specific needs of distributors

All workflows

Loopz covers all pack types (leaflets, boxes, blister packs) and leaflets, in multiple languages, for creative-only, exé-only or creative + exé workflows.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

How Loopz meets the specific needs of distributors

Complete history

Complete history of exchanges, notifications, dated and certified validations, statistics and reporting, versioning traceability.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

A tool designed for distributors

Loopz reconciles regulatory compliance and productivity.

Loopz is the only Artwork Management Solution to secure regulatory risks on your packaging and marketing materials, while cutting the time-to-market of your product launches by a factor of 2.

Loopz has been deployed by numerous industry players, with remarkable performance in terms of both pure ROI and social and salary impact.

We therefore master the workflows of complex organizations, as well as the compliance chain, and we know how to intervene quickly.

Do you have any further questions?

Why is Loopz particularly well suited to the needs of retailers?


Because Loopz was designed by packaging and product development specialists, offering you a powerful, accessible, yet highly structured tool to cover all your workflows and achieve the time savings and efficiency gains your teams expect.

How can I simplify approvals between the various departments in my organization and my agencies?


Loopz offers a complete collaborative environment: validation workflows, automatic notifications, viewing and commenting module, proofreading and comparison tools. The tool integrates all your agencies, creative studios and suppliers.

How do you guarantee data security?


The data in your Loopz tool is stored, backed up and redundant on a daily basis, exclusively in France, by our service provider Equinix (www.equinix.com), a world leader in digital infrastructure.

How is your solution deployed?


Loopz is deployed in 4 main stages:

  • Drawing up project specifications and requirements
  • Parameterization and development
  • Acceptance and pilot
  • Training, launch and Hypercare follow-up

Can Loopz be used in conjunction with external service providers?


Of course, we can. Loopz makes it possible to manage processes and monitor schedules, integrating all the internal and external players concerned. Their interactions are secure and reliable. The risk of errors is reduced to almost 0, and you gain considerably in efficiency.

Can your solution be adapted to our production process?


Loopz teams are with you from the very start of your project, to adapt the solution to your organization (and not the other way round!) and write the parameterization specifications.

They also support you throughout the acceptance, training and post-launch follow-up phases.