Lighten the load on Artworks projects

Loopz is an Artwork Management solution that can be easily deployed in your organization, and significantly increases the productivity of your Artworks projects and teams.

How to optimize the management of promotional materials and packaging, simply and quickly?

Loopz is the industry’s most expert solution.

Developed for market leaders by experts in the graphic chain and packaging, continuously improved over the past 10 years to serve the most demanding cosmetic companies and pharmaceutical laboratories – of all sizes.

The platform models your validation processes as well as production steps.

Loopz adapts to your methods to become a true online workspace that simplifies your tasks and project tracking on a daily basis.


-30% workload on your Artworks projects

Quick and easy deployment to suit your organization

Working on specifications

Our teams will study your organization and needs in detail to establish a comprehensive specification for your project. It will serve as a framework for all stages of the launch.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Quick and easy deployment to suit your organization

Setup and development

Our developers will configure the platform according to the approved specification. Everything is then tested: wordings, processes and status updates, information fields, filters, etc.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Quick and easy deployment to suit your organization

Testing and Pilot

Testing allows you to access the finalized platform and perform your own tests to ensure compliance with the established specification.

We can also conduct a real-life test on an actual project before final deployment.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Quick and easy deployment to suit your organization

Training and HyperCare launch

Each user will be trained by us during the live launch of the tool in 15-minute sessions per user group.

Each user will also receive a user guide tailored to their profile and responsibilities on the tool.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Lighten the load on your Artworks projects

Does Loopz allow for managing who does what and control access to projects/data/files in real-time?


Yes, Loopz allows you to configure all access rights, actions, notifications, display, and navigation for each user or user group. Access to projects/data/files is therefore constantly monitored and managed directly by our in-house support.

How to reduce the number of back-and-forth and the budget for artwork validation?


The entirety of the Loopz universe aims to make you more efficient, save time, and thus optimize your budgets.

Centralizing artworks and all stakeholders in the graphic chain allows you to control and frame the validation process.

Project management modules allow you to have an overview of ongoing or completed projects.

Information management modules ensure the accuracy of information associated with your artworks.

Collaboration modules help reduce the number of exchanges and errors.

How to simplify validations between different departments in my organization and my agencies?


With Loopz, you can integrate any of your external partners into the tool.

You can also assign them specific access and action rights.

This allows you to manage projects with different agencies/studios/printers without confusing them and compromising their confidentiality.

How does Loopz deploy in my organization and adapt to my constraints?


Loopz teams accompany you from the start of your project to adapt the solution to your organization (and not the other way around!) and write the configuration specification.

They also support you throughout the testing, training, and post-launch follow-up phases.

How to ensure that the design-execution process complies with regulatory and quality frameworks?


Loopz is compliant with ISO 9001, 27001, and GMP / 21 FDA CFR.

The tool integrates all elements of audit trails, data recording, and electronic signatures required by regulations.

Need to optimize the management of your Artworks with a simple and expert solution?


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