Marketing and packaging teams, discover how Loopz will transform your business and increase your time-to-market

Loopz is a SAAS solution for optimizing the packaging graphics chain. Developed over the last 10 years for leading cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, it is the only one to offer such advanced collaborative features.

Up to -50% time to market

“Loopz has enabled the Garnier International division to reduce the time taken to launch a new product by a factor of 2. Most of the time spent by marketing teams was on packaging, so using an online tool to exchange with studios saved considerable time and reduced round-trips.”

Valentin Maisonneuve

Garnier Marketing Product Manager - Garnier International

Loopz meets the specific challenges of graphics production

Loopz's file management, workflow modeling, editing and collaboration modules help to reduce the time spent by teams on the graphics chain in general, reduce the number of round trips and errors, and ultimately accelerate time to market.

Loopz is a comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-use tool, focused on the needs of marketing and packaging operations.

Loopz adapts to your methods to become a real online workspace that simplifies your tasks and the monitoring of your projects on a daily basis.

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Legal and regulatory teams

Loopz simplifies compliance monitoring

Logistics and supply chain teams

Loopz reduces the number of round trips and errors

IT teams

Deploy a tool that integrates easily into your organization

Purchasing teams


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