Pharmaceutical laboratories, control your regulatory compliance for your Artworks.

Loopz ensures you comply with regulatory requirements, in real time, and align all stakeholders.


Loopz reduces the risk of errors in the lifecycle of your Artworks by 75%.

They Trust Us:

Why deploy Artwork Management software when you’re a pharmaceutical company?

To cover, enforce, and control compliance throughout the graphic chain of packagings and other promotional materials.

To reduce team time spent, decrease the number of back-and-forths, and minimize errors.ètre.svg

To spend less time on documents and more time on what truly creates value for you and your company.

How does Loopz meet your specific needs in the pharmaceutical sector?

Process Security

Each file is linked to a specific workflow and an adapted article sheet.

The entire associated data environment allows for precise tracking: search, KPIs, and planning/timeline.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

How does Loopz meet your specific needs in the pharmaceutical sector?

Solution Security

Loopz is a French solution, edited for 10 years by specialists in the graphic chain of pharmaceutical laboratories, and it is EU GMP / FDA 21 CFR certified.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

How does Loopz meet your specific needs in the pharmaceutical sector?

Data Security

Your data is ultra-secured and hosted in France in an HDS / ISO 9001 certified environment.

Everything is archived, ensuring no loss of information or files.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

How does Loopz meet your specific needs in the pharmaceutical sector?

Training and HyperCare Launch

Each user will be trained by us during the live launch of the tool in 15-minute sessions per user group. Each will also receive a user guide tailored to their profile and responsibilities on the tool.

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

A tool designed for the pharmaceutical industry

Loopz reconciles regulatory compliance and productivity.

Loopz is the only Artwork Management Solution that secures regulatory risks on your packagings and marketing materials while halving the time-to-market for launching your references.

Loopz is deployed at numerous players in the pharmaceutical industry, with remarkable performances, in pure ROI or social and salary impact.

We understand the workflows of pharmaceutical companies and compliance chains, and we have all the required certifications (HDS, ISO 9001, EU GMP, FDA 21 CFR) to intervene quickly.

Do you have any further questions?

How to simplify validations between different departments in my organization and my agencies?


Loopz offers a comprehensive collaborative environment: validation workflows, automatic notifications, visualization and comment modules, proofreading and comparison tools.

The tool allows integration of all your agencies, creative studios, and suppliers.

How do you ensure data security?


Data in your Loopz tool is stored, backed up, and redundantly stored exclusively in France daily by our provider Equinix (, a global leader in digital infrastructure.

Why is Loopz particularly suitable for pharmaceutical laboratories’ issues?


Loopz has been developing collaboration and packaging validation modules for over 10 years for the pharmaceutical sector.

Our teams have experience in your sector’s constraints and related organization.

Moreover, Loopz is EU GMP / FDA 21 CFR validated, so its operation fully complies with the specific regulations of the pharmaceutical sector.

How does Loopz deploy in my organization and adapt to my constraints?


Loopz teams accompany you from the start of your project to adapt the solution to your organization (and not the other way around!) and write the configuration specification.

They also support you throughout the testing, training, and post-launch follow-up phases.

Will I have support for my projects?


Unlimited physical support (direct line and email) is included in all our packages.