The most collaborative Artwork Management solution in the industry

Between legal and regulatory pressures, increasing number of references to develop, accelerated pace of range renovation, and explosion of Artworks for eCommerce, your needs in producing promotional materials and packaging are growing and becoming increasingly challenging to address.

Resulting in errors, wasted time, extra costs, and delays.

Engaging your liability on legal risks at a high level.
Not to mention the HR impact on your teams, whose time and involvement could be much better valued!

To address these challenges, some turn to collaborative tools, DAMs, BPMs, or conversational tools. But they are poorly adapted to the specific needs of the graphics chain or your business and regulatory specificities.

Others choose AMS (Artwork Management Solutions) published by recognized industry players. But they focus on production needs, not on what the team really needs to work faster and better.

That’s where we come into play. Loopz is the most collaborative Artwork management solution in the industry.



Because it was initially designed by experts in the graphics chain and packaging to accompany L’Oréal in managing its promotional materials and packaging, from creation to BAT/BAG. And because we have leveraged the best of our own teams to reinvent their profession, improve their daily lives, and achieve their goals.

For 10 years, we have developed and improved our solution for the cosmetic sector (L’Oréal Paris, Luxe, Professionnel, Garnier…) and then for pharmaceutical laboratories (Roche, Puressentiel, Biocodex…).

This undoubtedly makes Loopz the best-suited solution to your challenges, the most intuitive to use, and the quickest to deploy.

No other solution combines functional performance across the entire graphics chain; experience in sectors with high regulatory stakes; and the collaborative power of a solution that aligns all stakeholders (marketing, regulatory, supply chain, suppliers, creatives…) around accelerating time to market, regulatory compliance, and marketing performance.

Today, Loopz simplifies

the lives of over 3,000 users.

up to -50%

time to market.

up to

-75% errors.

up to -30%

time spent.

Simplify the life of your Artworks projects, and unlock the value created by your team

Today, after being developed for market leaders, Loopz can be deployed in your organization in an instant and adapt to the measure of your work processes.

Let’s talk and see how our teams can help you unlock the value created by the collective.

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