Cosmetics companies, transform the management of your promotional and packaging materials

Loopz is a collaborative SAAS solution that optimizes the management of promotional media and packaging, from creation to BAT/BAG, for cosmetics companies.


Up to -50% time-to-market

They trust us

Why deploy Artwork Management software when you’re a cosmetics company?

To guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information on packaging and media, to cover, and enforce compliance with, regulations throughout the graphics chain.

To reduce the time spent by teams, cut down on the number of round trips and reduce the number of errors on documents.

To increase project time-to-market, as well as the number of projects per team.

How Loopz covers your specific needs in the cosmetics sector

Artwork centralization

A single tool for all physical (packaging, POS, print) or digital (video, audio) media, from creation to BAT/BAG.

How Loopz covers your specific needs in the cosmetics sector

Centralization of the work of all stakeholders

Centralization of tasks (project and media progress, to-do lists), information (versioning, metadata, sources…), media (packaging, POP, print, video, audio…) and functions (supply, marketing, legal, translation…).

How Loopz covers your specific needs in the cosmetics sector

Centralized validation

Loopz can be fully adapted to your validation processes. Each project can have its own workflow and stakeholders. The associated timelines guarantee your launch schedules and help reduce the time spent by your teams.

A tool designed for the cosmetics industry

Loopz reconciles regulatory compliance and productivity.

Loopz is the only Artwork Management Solution to secure regulatory risks on your packaging and marketing materials, while cutting the time-to-market of your product launches by a factor of 2.

Loopz has been deployed by numerous players in the cosmetics industry, with remarkable performance in terms of both pure ROI and social and salary impact.

So we know the workflows of complex organizations, as well as the compliance chain, and we know how to intervene quickly.

Do you have any further questions?

Why is Loopz particularly well suited to the needs of cosmetics companies?


Loopz has been developing packaging collaboration and validation modules for the cosmetics industry for over 10 years.

Our teams are experienced in the constraints of your sector and the organization that goes with it.

How can I simplify validations between the various departments in my organization and my agencies?


Loopz offers you a complete collaborative environment: validation workflows, automatic notifications, viewing and commenting module, proofreading and comparison tools.

The tool integrates all your agencies, creative studios and suppliers.

How do you guarantee data security?


The data in your Loopz tool is stored, backed up and redundant, exclusively in France on a daily basis by our service provider Equinix (, a world leader in digital infrastructure.