Graphical, administrative, and validation platform for packaging materials. Promotion support validation platform and ANSM submission.

Biocodex is a family-owned company founded over 60 years ago. A pioneer in the French market, Biocodex has become a major international player in the field of microbiota.

Biocodex is expanding internationally, selling its products in over 30 countries.

The exponential increase in the volume of its packaging and marketing materials and the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical sector have prompted the company to professionalize its internal tools.

BIOCODEX wanted to integrate a new platform into its process for managing the creation/modification of printed packaging to bring together graphic creation flows and administrative and inventory management flows.

Biocodex also wanted to have a platform for validating promotional documents concerning Biocodex products, particularly managing submissions to the ANSM.


Reduce time spent on packaging and promotional tools development.

Optimize time to market for products and manage associated costs.

Digitize validation processes.

Validate the tool from a GMP/Pharmaceutical Regulatory perspective.

Loopz fully adapts its solution to complex, sensitive, and multi-disciplinary processes.

Implementation of 2 independent and customized platforms:

Packaging: management of modifications and creation of packaging

Promotional: management of promotional documents

Key Figures

Implementation of 17 workflows.

140 Users trained in 2 weeks.

Production of 900 materials per year (600 packaging / 300 promo).

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