Loopz makes your Artwork projects easier, and drives your team to success

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Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Loopz, the most collaborative artwork management solution in the industry:

The fluidity of a DAM combined with the power of automatic proof-reading tools

100% customized to your organization

Change management and support by experts in the graphic chain and packaging, in Europe

Deployed in 15 minutes of training to fit your organization.

Speed up your artwork projects, secure compliance


-50% in time-to-market

Loopz provides ONE tool for all packaging, marketing and trade supports… from design to print proofs, resulting in a 50% drop in time-to-market.


-75% in errors

Each project is hooked to a dedicated workflow, with control automation. Collaborative mode gets every stakeholder (marketing, legal, agencies, studios, printers) in their line to achieve a 0-risk objective.


+30% in productivity

Loopz is designed to be fully adapted to your validation processes. Each project can have its own RACI.

Outcome: -30% workload

Loopz optimizes the graphic chain of industries with high marketing and regulatory stakes

Loopz has been developed for market leaders in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and continuously improved for over 10 years to serve the entire industry.

Let’s find out what Loopz can do for your organization and team.

The simplest artwork management

solution in the market

Streamline your workflows and validation process, structure your ranges and manage large volume of items

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Monitor all projects, KPI, budget and resources at a glance

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Monitor, enrich, compare, translate and export data and metadata, and control past developments

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Brief, collaborate in real time with studios, agencies, printers and suppliers, and centralize all your assets

Loopz, Artwork Management Solution

Who do we support?

Loopz models your workflows and allows all stakeholders to move forward simultaneously, each in their role, without stepping on each other’s toes.


Marketing and Packaging Teams

Loopz centralizes, streamlines, and simplifies collaboration on artwork development, allowing you to focus on what really matters.


Legal and Regulatory Teams

You will be able to cover, enforce, and control compliance throughout the artwork creation process.


Logistics and Supply Chain Teams

Loopz reduces time spent on the graphic chain, the number of recalls and errors, and significantly improves time-to-market.


IT Teams

EU GMP / FDA 21 CFR certification

Integration with your ERP

Data stored and hosted in France in an HDS / ISO 9001 & 27001 environment IT support in France.


Purchasing Teams

An all-in-one, collaborative solution, perfectly tailored to your business challenges, deployed in 15 minutes of training in your organization, and offering a return on investment >2

Benefit from the expertise of graphic chain and packaging specialists.

Our solution is incredibly easy to configure and use. It has been designed to be useful to you as quickly as possible, while being 100% customized to your organization. Our consultant teams have also developed a support methodology that maximizes the benefits of the solution for your organization.

For companies with high marketing and regulatory stakes – of all sizes


A solution certified EU GMP / FDA 21 CFR and HDS / ISO 9001 & 27001 that allows you to comply with regulatory requirements and ANSM, in real-time, and align all stakeholders.


A user-centric solution, easy to deploy and quick to use, for all physical (packaging, POS, print) or digital (video, audio) supports, from creation to BAT/BAG.


An accessible, structured, and robust solution, to manage processes and secure all internal and external interactions on your product workflows.

The industry’s biggest players trust us

“Loopz has changed absolutely everything for my packaging teams! It’s an “all-in-one” tool for managing packaging modifications, not just for graphic validation but also administrative follow-up (schedules, inventory management, etc.). We’ve saved a lot of time in our day-to-day operations thanks to Loopz.”

Manuel Georges

Packaging Manager - Laboratoires BIOCODEX

Loopz relieves your graphics chain of time-consuming tasks

How does the deployment of your solution work?


Loopz is being deployed in 4 main stages:

  • Drawing up of specifications and project needs
  • Configuration and development
  • Testing and pilot
  • Training, launch, and Hypercare follow-up

Who can use the Loopz Artwork Management solution? 


All teams involved in the production and/or validation of artworks (or packaging execution documents) at some point in the graphic chain.

More widely, Loopz covers all types of graphic files (promotional materials, print, POS ads, videos, etc.).

Can we work with external providers with Loopz? 


Certainly. Loopz can integrate any type of external providers while managing their access and visibility rights to ensure the confidentiality of your projects.

How much does an artwork management system cost? 


Loopz’s offer is all-inclusive, and pricing depends on the number of users and the volume of files to be processed, as well as the customization of specific tool features based on your requirements (number of workflows, specific developments, etc.).

Can your solution adapt to our production process? 


The Loopz teams work with you right from the start of your project, adapting the solution to your organization (and not the other way round!) and writing the configuration specifications.

They also support you throughout the testing, training, and post-launch monitoring phases.

Do you have any further questions?